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About Ross

Congressman Ross Spano was elected to represent the people in Florida's 15th Congressional District in 2018 and was sworn into office in January 2019. He currently serves on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the House Small Business Committee.

Growing up, Ross' father used to tell him that “if you honor God, treat people right, and persevere without exception, you can accomplish anything. That’s the American Dream.” Ross took those principles to heart and worked hard as a small business owner to provide for his family and serve his community.

As a State Representative, Ross was a consistent voice for families and small businesses, advocating for less regulation, lower taxes, higher paying jobs and safer communities. He fought to protect the most vulnerable among us, striving to eliminate human trafficking in Florida while punishing those who exploited children, attempted to defraud our seniors or targeted our Veterans.

A loving husband, father and grandfather, Ross remains humbled by the opportunity to continue his public service as a Congressman. He continues to fight for families and small businesses in Washington, looking for ways to reduce burdensome regulations on small businesses and allowing them to invest, grow and create jobs. He is working toward more affordable healthcare costs while restoring the doctor-patient relationship, and he believes Congress should make the recent middle class tax cuts permanent, allowing you to keep more of your hard earned money.