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Dear Neighbor,

Since being elected as your Representative in Tallahassee, it has been a wild ride for my family and I. It has been my honor to represent the residents of District 59!

I am extremely proud of the tremendous progress we have made in that time. I have sponsored and co-sponsored many bills, which have been signed into law. These bills protect the victims of human trafficking and punish those who enslave them. They protect Veterans and their families from being the targets of scams and unfair trade practices. They protect our small businesses, improve our children’s education and make our community a safer place to live and raise a family.

I believe, now more than ever, that the keys to a strong economy are our small businesses. It will continue to be a top priority to reduce the burden of overregulation and taxation that are strangling these job creators. I will also continue to fight for the victims of human trafficking until we completely eradicate this scourge from Florida.

I promised you that I would work hard every day to represent you and your families and now I need your help. I am running to continue the privilege of representing District 59 and can’t do it without you. Will you stand with me? Will you support my campaign? I welcome your help in any form. Can you join me in walking neighborhoods, talking to voters, making phone calls, waving signs or raising funds? The time is now; the need is great…can I count on you?

Together we can do this!

Warmest Regards,


About Ross

About RossRoss Spanofor State House , District 59

If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.

— Ronald Reagan

Jobs, Economic Growth and Prosperity

The number one issue for me is to make sure we have a business environment that allows for and incentivizes job creation. Understanding that government cannot create jobs, we must continue to remove the limitations placed on our small businesses by reducing taxes and removing burdensome regulations. This is not only a business issue. The ability for us to work hard and support our families is essential.

Efficient Government

With a state budget approaching $83 Billion, it is important to have Representatives that will work to hold our state government accountable. There are many taxes and fees that fund our government. This government belongs to you…to me…to all of us! I am always looking for opportunities to return these dollars to the taxpayers. They are your dollars in the first place! Reducing taxes and eliminating fees are one of my highest priorities. You know how best to spend your hard earned money. Our government must be reminded whose money they have. If your tax dollars are spent efficiently, our government will be much more effective in serving our community’s needs.

Consumer Protection

It is an unfortunate fact that there are people in our state who seek to victimize vulnerable individuals for their own personal gain. This includes protecting veterans against being targeted for fraudulent financial schemes, corporations and organizations engaging in deceptive tactics and criminals who steal from businesses, ultimately costing the consumer more. I have have been fighting for you for the last four years and will continue to hold these crooks accountable. I am working for you, so that you can focus on your work and family.